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Weaving is Magic - Making Cloth from Thread

Even after weaving for all these years I still consider weaving magic. Thread and yarn become cloth as I move my feet and hands. Patterns and colors emerge from the loom and create fabric.

For me, watching yarn transform into fabric before my eyes is exciting. For over 30 years I've been handweaving fabrics, mostly towels, scarves and other practical, useful items. Using looms that are easy to work with and yarns that are new and exciting, or traditional standards. When the fabric comes off the loom and is finished, there is always a sense of accomplishment.

My handy and colorful cotton hand towels have given me the opportunity to explore weaving’s many aspects. Weaving scarves has given me the opportunity to play with different structures and a variety of yarns such as bamboo, tencel, silk and wool. From the bits of “left over” fabric I create pendants, pins and sachets. Using different colors, fibers and textures influences the final result – and the variations are infinite.

I started weaving when I was given a loom and guidance from a family friend. I now have 2 Harrisville floor looms, a table loom and a child’s 2 harness “toy” loom plus 5 barrister bookcases filled with cones of yarn. Having the yarn displayed through the glass allows me to always be creating. Often while sitting at a loom weaving I’m also designing the next project.

Weaving is very appealing to me, because I love the tactile aspect. It's fulfilling to see various fibers coming together into a finished fabric of color, pattern and texture.
The best thing is, it's functional art!

What can I weave for you?

Harrisville 4 harness, my 1st loom