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All my handwoven scarves are made to add an elegant statement to your wardrobe or for you to give as a gift. Think of them as wearable Art. I use a variety of eye-catching yarns that add sparkle, drape or drama to every scarf. Some of my favorite yarns for scarves are cotton,tencel and bamboo with a little silk or other novelty yarn added from time to time. Please keep in mind that cameras + screens show colors slightly different than eye balls.

Please get in touch if you'd like to see them.

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Ice Blue Bamboo on Ice Blue Bamboo + Orange Silk
10 1/2"W x 78" L $105.
Black Bamboo on Shale Tencel + silk
8"W x 60"L $105.
Silver Bamboo on Shale Tencel + silk
8"W x 66"L $105.
Rust, Burgundy, Peach Rayon, Cotton, Tencel, Wool
10"W x 66"L $75.
Black Bamboo on Black Bamboo + Pink Silk
10 3/4"W x 74"L $105.
Moss Tencel on Teal Bamboo + Moss Tencel
9"W x 67"L $95.
What can I weave for you?

updated 12/19/22
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